Rayah Maritime provides comprehensive list of services related to the incorporation of offshore Companies for our clients under the following countries:

– Panama
– Marshall Islands
– Liberia
– Belize

– Others

Offshore Company: It is a company that has been filed outside of the country where its principals (directors, shareholders and partners) reside for the purpose of operating outside of the jurisdiction where it was originally filed.

Incorporation Offshore Company: It is the process by which the service is created to establish an offshore company in a foreign country. 


The Incorporation of Offshore Company requires from the client to download and fill up the request form by Clicking Here.

Right after that our registration department will return with quotation and requirements which includes the following:

  1. Application Form, we will send this form based on the country of incorporation;
  2. Passport photocopy for related person(s) such as directors, shareholders and partners.

For further inquiries, please don`t hesitate to contact with us