Belize (Deputy Registrar)

Official Letter of Authroization for Designated Office No. 40 – Rayah Maritime Survey Services

Our company is a designated office in Turkey region as deputy registrar under The International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize, known as “IMMARBE”.

The International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) works on a twenty four hour service cycle, whereby the registration staff responds to all queries for new registrations, transfers of ownership, mortgages, extensions, certificates of liens and encumbrances, and related services.  We are committed to ensuring that our Ship Owners receive immediate efficient assistance vital in the global operation of ships worldwide.  The quality of its fast and effective service makes the Belize Registry one of the leading Ship Registries in operation for more than twenty years.

All application forms for the registration of ships, manning application, mortgage applications, etc. can be downloaded from IMMARBE website or can be obtained directly from our office.

We are open to all types of vessel including bulk carrier, cargo ships, tankers, containerships, passenger ships, fishing vessels, tugs, yachts, barges, MODUs and other ocean-going vessels.

There is an age policy dependent on type and area of operation and vessels should be under 25 years of age at time of registration to obtain fast approval for registration.  Vessels exceeding the age limit may be accepted upon a satisfactory evaluation of its previous detention record, class society, ship manager, and in some cases, be subject to a General Safety Inspection to determine seaworthiness and management of the vessel.

There is no restriction in ownership as all foreign owned companies or individuals may register vessels under the Belize Flag.


All commercial vessels are required to be classed by a Recognized Survey Company/Classification Society that is recognized by the Belize Government.  (Concessions are made for yachts; contact IMMARBE Technical Department for guidance) Vessels of 7,500Gt require class by any of our recognized class societies.

Authorized List of Companies . CLICK HERE


  • Application for Registration of Vessel.
  • Details on the form provide the Administration information for the assignment of a Registration number and call letters as well as details on the ownership and appointed radio accounting entity, recognized survey company.
  • A duly notarized Bill of Sale, or a duly notarized Builder’s Certificate, if vessel is a new building;
  • An original deletion certificate or a certified copy of the extract of registry from the previous Flag Administration.
  • A duly notarized Power of Attorney favour of Shipping Agent domiciled in Belize
  • In case of a vessel which is over twenty years old, an inspection report prepared by an authorized General Safety Inspection Surveyor (GSI) stating that the vessel has passed an inspection to determine seaworthiness.
  • An original or certified copy of a tonnage certificate issued by an authorized survey company
  • Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
  • ISM Code Declaration of Company, Designated Person and Company Security Officer and Continuous Synopsis Record Amendments and Index
  • Proof of Liability Insurance, including oil pollution, bunker pollution and Nairobi wreck removal insurance as applicable
  • Proof that vessel is free of recorded liens and encumbrances

Other types of Registration include:

  • Bareboat Charter Registration (Charter-in, Charter-out)
  • Special Registrations for vessels destined for scrap, or delivery voyage
  • Vessels under Construction
  • Yacht Registration
  • Fishing Vessels


A vessel registered with the Belize Registry may be mortgaged at any time during its registration by submitting the applicable Mortgage Forms.

Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate