Ship Registration: It is the process by which a ship is documented and given the nationality of the flag state to which the ship has been documented. The flag allows a ship to travel internationally as it is proof of ownership of the vessel.

Special Ship Registration: It is the process by which the ship is registered for a specific voyage from port (A) to port (B).

Raising a flag for your ship has always been the first decision for owners, ever since it became possible for a ship to have a nationality different from that of its owner.

As a result, the proportion of vessels flying a flag that is different from the nationality of their owners or operators (subsequently referred to as foreign-flagged vessels) has grown continuously from 21.6% in the 1970s to 67% in 2008 (UNCTAD 1997-2008).

The flag selection for your vessel has always been influenced by many factors, among of them are the below main factors:

– Ship`s Age
– Technical Condition
– Trading Area
– Taxes and Fees
– Additional flag requirements
– Nationality of crew and managers

Our company has a reputed and well known name in the ship registration market. Our specialized team will help you to serve all your ship`s needs. We are in a position to suggest to the owner the most advantageous flag based on their vessel parameters.


Firstly, the owner, manager or the responsible person in the company shall send his/her vessel parameters by filling up the Ship Registration Request form Click Here to download the form.

Secondly, our company will propose suitable flags for owner`s vessel. In our offers concerning the flag, we always take into our consideration the following meters:

– The cost effective flag
– The unrestricted flag in the ship`s trading area
– The Recognized Organization that will be responsible for the vessel under the new flag

Thirdly, once our offer is duly approved by ship`s owner, the application for ship registration form shall be filled up. All the required documents mentioned in the application form shall be sent accordingly. You can download the form by Clicking Here.

The required documents generally for all flags are the same. A provisional ship registration followed by a permanent ship registration.


  1. Ship Registration Application Form (copy)
  2. Radio Station License Application Form (copy)
  3. Minimum Safe Manning Application Form (copy)
  4. Power of Attorney (POA) legalized duly (copy)
  5. Owner’s documents & passport copy of PIC (copy)
  6. Bill Of Sale (BOS) legalized duly (copy)
  7. Ship`s Statutory certificates under previous registration (copy)
  8. Additional miscellaneous forms/declarations from the flag administrations or their agents (copy)

In cases where a Special Ship Registration is required, the following documents must be sent additionally:

  1. Application for Special Registration (flag form) is dully filled (copy)
  2. Company current DOC, as well SMC (copy)


In order for the client be able to obtain a permanent registry certificates for his/her ship from the flag administration, the following requirements must be complied first and sent to the flag administration head office:

  1. Flag Administration original applications
  2. Original BOS & AOS legalized duly
  3. Original Power of Attorney (POA) legalized duly
  4. Original Deletion certificates & Ceased CSR issued from the previous flag legalized duly
  5. New Statutory certificates from recognized organization (RO) approved by the flag (copy)

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