Our company has its team of lawyers based in Panama. We are able to provide full services under this leading flag for all type of ships` registration and ships` types. Please don`t hesitate to contact with us for quotation.

Any person, natural or legal, regardless of nationality or place of origin, is eligible to register vessels under the Panama flag. The registration procedure is simple and expedite, which allows the vessel to complete its registration usually in 24 hours. No requirements for minimum tonnage is required.

Why the Panamanian Ship Registry is the one of more selected by the ship owners around the world?

It’s the leading vessel registry. Currently with more than 8,000 international merchant marine vessels registered, counting with 18% of the world’s merchant fleet.

Recognized by financial and insurance institutions around the globe, it represents a shipping fleet exceeding 200 million gross tons.

Panama is member of Directory board of IMO and placed on white list of this organization.

The procedure to register ships with the Panamanian flag is very simple and expeditious. The request for provisional registration can be made through our office in Istanbul who in turn will send all requirements to our resident agent in Panama to proceed with the ship registration.

The required Documents for regular Ship Registration as following:

Provisional Registration

Complete registration application Click Here
Copies of all ship current certificates;
CSRs ( from no.1 until the present one);
Name of new owner company (Copy of the article if possible);
New Ship`s Name
Copy of the legalized Bill of Sale ( BOS) & acceptance of Sale ( AOS), if not exists please Send copy of the MOA;
Copy of the owner’s documents & passport copy of PIC;
Copy of the DOC for management company.

Permanent Registration

Original BOS & AOS legalized duly;
Original Power of Attorney ( POA) legalized duly;
Original Deletion certificate issued from previous flag legalized duly;
Copies of all new issued certificates under new name, owner & management

For further inquiries, please don`t hesitate to contact with us.