Rayah Maritime delivers a comprehensive range of services including ships` registration, inspection, auditing, certification, classification & related technical surveys, and when appropriate, Rayah Maritime also provides consultancy services.

Rayah Maritime employs expert persons and participates its business with professional top-level organizations worldwide, thus bring benefits to the ship-owners, insurers, and flag states.

To increase the interested parties’ satisfaction, the QMS policy has been established on the following basis:

  • The company attaches great importance to the application of international rules and regulations on ships
  • The company attaches great importance to the continuous improvement of quality management system in the provision of services, wherein the primary concern is interested party satisfaction
  • The feedback from interested parties is seen as a motivational element to increase service quality, as well as to improve the management culture of all processes and the application of modern methods and technologies
  • Management is committed to create conditions for implementation and continuous improvement of quality management
  • The aim of the company is to create a highly motivational environment Provision of good working environment and conditions for all staff to achieve the best performance